We’re giving travel a higher cause

StayKindly is a different type of hotel reservation website.  While most online travel agencies invest in big advertising campaigns and online advertising, StayKindly invests in social good that matters to you.  For every booking made on StayKindly.com we donate $5 per night to a charity of your choice – at no additional cost.  We offer the same hotels and rates as traditional travel sites with over 150,000 hotels available for reservation.  We then connect with 1.5 million charities so you can select a cause that matters to you.  Simple.  Don’t just book a hotel, StayKindly.


Q:  What is StayKindly?

A:  StayKindly is a hotel booking site that offers the same hotels and rates as traditional travel sites, plus StayKindly makes a donation to your favorite cause.

Q:  Does StayKindly cost me more to pay for the donations?

A:  Absolutely not.  StayKindly does not add any fees or charges to cover the cost of charitable donations. We pay for all donations through Partner commissions we earn from each reservation.  Our goal is to offer travelers the same hotels and rates as other popular travel sites.  We encourage travelers to shop and compare our prices with other online travel sites

Q:  Who makes the Charitable Donation?

A:  All donations to charity are made by StayKindly, LLC and entirely funded by StayKindly.  Donations are not made by consumers and consumers will not receive any tax receipt associated with their reservation.

Q:  How do I know that my included donation will be distributed?

A:  StayKindly operates a Commercial Co-venture program.  We send donations to the StayKindly Foundation which then makes donations to charities based on the preferred charity selected at the time of your reservation.  Please see our Terms of Service for more information on the donation process.

Q:  How do hotel rates compare to other booking sites? Are they just $5 more?

A:  No.  StayKindly does not add any service fees or markups to your reservation.  Our goal is to offer hotel rooms at the same rates as traditional travel sites.

Q:  If I book now and pay later, when will my donation be distributed?

A:  Donations are typically sent to charities within 90 days of completing your hotel stay.  We require guest to complete their reservation to ensure there are no cancellations or changes to your original reservation.  After you complete your stay, StayKindly begins the donation process for your reservation.

Q:  How do I change or cancel my reservation?

A:  If you need to change or cancel your reservation, please use the Manage Your Booking link at the top of our homepage or call us at 866-232-3540.

Q:  Can I donate more than the standard $5 included donation?

A:  At this time, we do not offer an option for you to add to the donation made by StayKindly.  All reservations have the same donation of $5 per night.

Q:  If I need to cancel my reservation, will my donation also be cancelled?

A:  Yes, if you cancel or modify your reservation, we will only make a donation for the actual days you stayed at the hotel.  We cannot make donations on cancelled bookings or cancelled nights.

Q:  My preferred charity isn’t listed in your directory. Can I donated it anyway.

A:  We have partnered with GuideStar, Inc to provide customers with access to a large selection of potential charities for your reservation.  GuideStar allows us to make donations to over 1.5 million charities.  If you have a specific charity in mind, but cannot find it on our site, please contact us at support@staykindly.com.